Caitlyn Jenner talks about her beard removal in the 80s

The renowned and controversial reality TV personality Caitlyn Jenner a.k.a. Bruce Jenner recently revealed that she was in fact, beardless since the ’80s. In a WhoSay video, she explained that she undergone a laser procedure that can take away a lot of volume in her chin area.

Wow, even in the ’80s, the technology was already remarkable and impressive for successfully making this beauty enhancement. According to Caitlyn, “I had, back in the ’80s, my beard removed, which actually took a lot of volume out of [my chin area. That has gotten better throughout the years. My skin certainly has changed since my transition.” Well that explains her impeccably glowing and radiant skin.

The reality TV star, by the way, recently created a buzz for her clamorous transition from the brooding Bruce Jenner to the now-sophisticated Caitlyn Jenner. She had, in fact, undergone a series of surgeries which made her become the woman that she carries these days. These surgeries include a boob job, Adam’s apple shave, rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and brow lift. Whoa! Talk about total transformation! Caitlyn also added that she promary resorts to MAC products– her trusted cosmetics, because according to her, it does all the wonders to her skin. Fabulous!