Scott Disick and Kimberly Stewart– together?

After breaking up with the TV reality star Kourtney Kardshian several months ago, Scott Disick finally finds another love of his life in the arms of socialite and reality TV star Kimberly Stewart.

Since his break-up with Kourtney, the social media treated him bad as though he was the evil one in their relationship because of his ‘infidelity’. These days, however, it seems like the people have finally moved on and are now giving him best of luck to his new found love. What suddenly caused the change of hearts from fans?

Well, rumors say that Scott wasn’t the one who cheated, but– the other way around? Yes. Kourtney may be the one who cheated and that’s according to sources. “There’s been buzz in their circle that Kourtney cheated and Reign might not be Scott’s,” says the tabloid.

Now that this thought came to Scott’s attention, the celebrity is now on the verge of demanding a paternity test that proves that their child is really his. Whoa! This is getting worse than we’ve expected.

These days, Scott is also finally making his way towards moving on and just keeping his attention to Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly. Well, what do you think about him hooking up with Kimberly and finally letting Kourtney go?